The Stone of Optimism

Striped flint is becoming Polish export merchandise. Jewelry made from the striped flint is now a Polish hallmark. It has appeared in the collections of the best recognized designers; the largest jewelry companies in the country now include it in their offer.


Striped flint can only be found in the Holy Cross Mountains (Góry Świętokrzyskie) in Poland. It is distinguished by the most beautiful and unique patterns. These patterns, when combined with the possibility of achieving a mirror-like luster, make the striped flint a valuable and eagerly sought-after resource on the jewelry market.


Precursor of Flint

The first artist to introduce striped flint in his jewelry was Cezary Łutowicz. In 1972, the first pieces of jewelry using this stone were created and flint turned out to be an excellent stone for making jewelry. Flint is very rare; it is decorative and extremely hard – it reaches up to the level of 6.7-7 on Mohs’ 10-level hardness scale, where 10 is the hardness of diamond. Cezary Łutowicz participated in several group and individual exhibitions, for example, in Vienna, Munich and Brussels. His creations became an inspiration for many artists and striped flint jewelry can now be found in jewelry stores and art galleries showing artisan jewelry in Poland and abroad.

The works of the master jeweler delighted with their individuality and were the object of interest of not only women but also the press and television. Jewelry made from striped flint is very popular among customers. As experts point out, flint jewelry is distinguished by its elegance – its gray color perfectly matches almost any fashion design.



Gold smith's Art Collection

In the year 2000, goldsmith workshops titled "Striped flint – the stone of optimism" were organized for the first time in Sandomierz aiming to promote striped flint as the Polish raw material native only to Sandomierz and to create a unique m

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